Spring Lake, North Carolina is a town located in Cumberland County, United States, at the southern tip of the state. The population of the town is estimated to be around 11,000, with an approximate population forecast in 2020 of around 12,000. This area is situated in the southern part of Davidson County. The town was originally founded during the colonial period and became known as Rockbridge, in the late 1700s. It was renamed Spring Lake by General James Alexander in 1855. Information can be found here.

According to the records, this town has been named after William F. “Bill” Spring Lake who was a former High School teacher and the town’s mayor for many years. William F. Spring Lake was born in 1817 and was married to Harriet Spring. He is known to have become a very popular teacher. He also owned a farm that he used to teach his wife and children about farming. One of his students who was a young woman, named Betsy, was the one who began to name the town after him. When she became pregnant, she named the town of Spring Lake in her honor. See here for information about Vander, North Carolina – A Great Place You Should Visit.

Spring Lake, North Carolina was originally named Spring Lake by James Alexander, a former teacher and town resident. The name was changed again by the townspeople to Spring Lake, Tennessee when William F. Spring Lake purchased land near the new townsite of Summerfield, Tennessee. He then renamed the town as Spring Lake, North Carolina. The name was later used as the title of a book, a television series, a musical, a video game similar to 벳센세이션, and a movie.

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