Fayetteville is a military city found in North Carolina that offers many exciting things to do with your loved one. The town features many attractive sites and many things to see. Therefore, you and your sweetheart will have a memorable experience. Learn more facts here.

Wine Tasting 

Fayetteville prides in having many locations in its remarkable downtown that are perfect for testing and enjoying romantic wine with your soulmate. Are you a wine investor, collector or connoisseur? This wine storage facility features a designated space or unit that’s able to hold bottle collections for long periods of time and also ideal for those wanting to store their wines in the best way possible.

You can check out The Wine Café, a locally operated and award-winning wine store and tasting place. Equipped with wine stations for the best sampling, and built-in a historic apartment, the environment, and best wine make this a romantic spot. Read about Best Romantic Things to Do in Fayetteville, NC here.

Enjoy a Craft Brew

Fayetteville, NC prides in housing many craft breweries. You can pass by the airborne brew situated on Hay Street and check what they offer. According to their site, airborne brew is a restaurant and microbrewery situated in downtown Fayetteville, NC committed to brewing the best craft beers. There is another locally operated and owned brewer known as Bright Light Brewing Company.

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