Even if you may not have enough time to visit many places, you can still have a chance to view the best attractions. Fayetteville offers numerous places to visit and many things to do with the family. More facts can be seen here.

The 112 Drive-in Theater

Fayetteville does not have many outdoor drive-in theaters; it has a functioning gem. If you ever dreamt of watching a movie under a canopy of stars, then the 112 Drive-in Theater offers that awesomeness of nostalgia with classic and recent flicks. Learn more about Fun Things to Do in Fayetteville, NC.

Scenic Drive on the Pig Trail 

This trail is widely known by motorcyclists as the best ride in the country. It cuts zigs, zags, and curves through the famous Ozark national forest with all kinds of scenery imaginable such as waterfalls, rivers, and Ozark mountain views. 

Beaver Lake

More recreation activities are available for visitors who would like to wander around the lake. Beaver Lake is a park on the town’s northern edge that features a great disc golf course, volleyball courts, three softball, and other amenities. The lake hosts a marina and launch site for everything, such as boat canoes and fishing piers.

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