Fayetteville has many things to do, whether solo or as a group. Therefore, choosing where to visit or what to do first can be hard. Here are some of the things you can do when you visit Fayetteville, NC. Visit this link for more information.

Wilson Park

Lying in the heart of the town, Wilson Park is the first and oldest park in Fayetteville that offers stunning urban space for people to enjoy. Built in 1906, covering 22.75 acres, Wilson Park hosts a range of amenities like swimming pool, softball field, basketball court, and tennis court. There are amenities ideal for kids such as a playground, castle, and swing area. Additionally, the green lawns and picnic areas are ideal for relaxing with family. A walking trail winds through Wilson Park, providing amazing vistas and leads to the sculpture with seven points and a bridge designed and constructed by Frank Williams. Read about Best Places to Visit in Fayetteville here.

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