It is possible to find romance in a military city such as Fayetteville, NC. However, you need to do your planning carefully to ensure you exhaust your options. Find more information here.

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Find out how perfect you and your soulmate work together at Xscape Factor. These veteran-owned and live escape spaces are ideal for couples and even groups as they offer a challenge motivating teamwork and collaboration as amateur sleuths solve a mystery to escape the room. There are several puzzle rooms with various degrees of hardship to pick from. However, all engage and get the mental juices that flow at this excellent date option. Xscape Factor is located on Bow Street on the old apartment constructed in 1851, adding to the mysterious atmosphere of puzzle rooms and is an ideal couple of fun. You will have a chance to create a memorable experience and build a strong bond with your lover. See here for information about Amazing Things to Do in Fayetteville, NC.

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