If you are looking for a little bit of North Carolina history, you may want to visit Judson, North Carolina. Judson was actually a fairly small community in Swain County, North Carolina that has been devastated by the devastating Fontana dam. When the Fontana dam was constructed, it created the Fontana Lake and submerged Judson. Some buildings can still be visited when it’s at its lowest point. You can find some beautiful buildings that were erected when Judson wasn’t flooded, including old homes. Find further facts here.

Judson is located off of Highway 7 in the North Carolina mountains. You should be able to get there easily from Charlotte or Raleigh. There are several highways into this area, so you’ll want to take the shortest route. From here, you can go as far as I-26 and continue on to Winston-Salem. If you aren’t interested in driving, you can take the highway that goes through Fayetteville. This road will take you all the way to New Bern, NC. Read about Parkton, North Carolina – A Hidden Gem in North Carolina here.

The history of Judson goes way back before the dam was built. One of the oldest places of worship in North Carolina is the church of Holy Rosary. The Roman Catholic Church was also a major player in Judson’s history and a site where you can see remnants of those years of existence. When you’re in Judson, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied while you are there.

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