Rockfish, a Census-designated area in Hoke County, is located at the eastern end of Lake Norman, which is a large freshwater lake in the state of North Carolina. Rockfish has a population of about 3,000 with a high percentage of its inhabitants being retired. The population has been estimated to have peaked around the year 1970. The total number of individuals in Rockfish has fluctuated through time but, as a whole, the number of people is still relatively small. Further facts about Fayetteville, NC can be found here.

Rockfish, North Carolina is an important tourist attraction because it is the home of the rarest species of rockfish in the world. Rockfish, which is also called the “barracuda”, is often referred to as the “prawn”. This type of fish is extremely popular because it can grow to lengths of more than twelve inches in length. The North American rock lobster is listed as a species of special concern by the state of North Carolina. Information about Why Visit Rockfish in North Carolina can be found here.

There are some places in Rockfish that people do not really want to go to. For example, there is the Rockfish amusement park. Rockfish offers a lot of fun, and it is a very unique experience to go there. Many tourists make a trip to Rockfish because of the experience they get out of it. People who go to Rockfish, North Carolina should make sure that they are aware of what they should not expect when they go to Rockfish. Consider having a reliable flashlight during your trip to ensure you have proper visibility, and you can buy a flashlight (>купить фонарь) before heading out.

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